“Successful innovation has consistently proved to be fluid and flexible, fast and furious- that is, passionate.” – Robert Heller

Fluid Education is going to change the way universities, learners and organizations work together to accomplish their common goals.

Learners are in search of an education that will help them increase their skills and marketability.

Organizations are in need of a steady supply of educated individuals to help them build and expand.

Universities are in need students that are motivated and committed to engaging in the learning process.

By creating strategic alliances that blend these groups, Fluid Education provides value-enhanced engagement that allows all parties to benefit from these sustainable channels.


In today’s times learners require more than just flexibility. Learners have a variety of options to gain knowledge such as self-paced courses, corporate training programs, micro-credentials, certifications and degree programs.

For too long these learning pathways have been distinct and disconnected from each other. Fluid Education works with universities that will review these pathways to provide college credit recognition for the learning that meets their academic standards. This will incentivize learners to engage in more learning opportunities. It will accelerate the time it takes to accomplish degree programs and lower the cost of completion.

This motivates individuals to learn, engage in professional development and continue on a path of lifelong learning.


Organizations spend more than $22 billion per year on tuition assistance programs. Additionally, in 2018 organizations spent $87 billion on training expenditures.

Tuition assistance and training are line items that are almost always separate in organizational budgets. Fluid Education is working with organizations to show them how employees who participate in tuition assistance programs  are typically more engaged, more appreciative and more productive in their organization. By working with Fluid education, an organization’s training investments can now be leveraged to provide academic credit at our partner institutions.

Public facing organizations are finding their consumers become more loyal to their brands when they know they are significantly investing in the education and development of their employees. Fluid Education works with organizations to show them the value of partnering with universities.


Universities that offer online programs have the ability to extend their brand and their reach across the country and around the world.

Fluid Education works with universities to help them develop and implement the strategies necessary to create and grow quality online education programming that is affordable and sustainable. The partnership development services offered by Fluid allow our university clients to partner with strategic organizations to give them an industry partner that will ensure the training and degree programs are aligned with the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

The partnerships we develop for our university clients create recruiting channels that our universities clients to motivated, engaged learners that often have access to funding through their organization’s tuition assistance programs. Additionally, these partnerships create pathways for mentorships, internships, student placement, grants, sponsored research, athletic sponsorships, recruiting and so much more.

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