Changing the flow of education

“The future is fluid. Each act, each decision and each development creates new possibilities and eliminates others. The future is ours to direct. ” – Jacque Fresco

Fluid Education is a purpose-driven education services organization focused on creating accelerated access to education. We partner with universities and organizations to help them recruit, develop and educate their greatest resources- their people.

Filling the Gap

At Fluid Education we believe learning is a never-ending process that is meant to enrich the lives of the learners, mentally, financially, emotionally and beyond. Education is one of the greatest indicators of quality of life. Our goal is to build a collaborative community of educators focused on developing as many pathways as possible to engage people to learn and then apply that learning in meaningful and rewarding ways.

Learners are yearning for opportunity. Organizations are starving for talent. Universities are searching for students. Fluid Education brings these groups together matching students with degree and certificate programs, connecting organizations with qualified, top graduates and developing the enterprise-level talent pool to keep pace with the rapidly-changing market needs.


News Highlight

More Companies Are Providing Free Education For Their Employees

Over the last 18 months, several companies have rolled out programs to offer free, or nearly free college education for their employees and even contractors. Disney, McDonald’s, Walmart and Uber are some of the most recent companies to offer college education for their employees. This trend is expected to continue…

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College enrollment for underrepresented minorities

College enrollment for underrepresented minorities is up, but at a slower pace than the national enrollment growth overall. Underrepresented minorities are defined as American Indians and Alaska Natives, African American, and Hispanics. [...]

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Fluid CEO Interviewed On The EdUp Experience

Fluid Education CEO, Chad Williamson, was featured on the EdUp Experience podcast. Mr. Williamson provides amazing insights on the pivot to online learning, workforce-partnership initiatives, increasing accessibility for underrepresented students and how [...]

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How Many Public Universities Can ‘Go Big’ Online?

Numerous public university systems and state flagships are planning ambitious online endeavors. How many succeed in a competitive marketplace will depend on pricing, execution and leadership. From Massachusetts to California, as many [...]

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